Dakota Iapi Resources

Dakota Iapi Resources

One of the goals of the website is to create a Dakota Iapi Repository. This will be a central location for all Dakota Iapi resources (videos, curriculum, apps, links to other websites and an online module). We want to make Dakota iapi easily accessible to as many people as possible.

Check back often for additional resources!

Attend Dakota Iapi Classes

Learn the Dakota Language! In-person & online classes are available.

View Our Online Learning Videos

View our library of learning language videos today.


Check out the digital app version of the wonderful book "Kikta-Wo/Kikta-Ye" written by "Tasunka Wakinyan Watogla" (Ryan Dixon) and "Sna Sna Win" (Vanessa Goodthunder) and beautiful illustrations by Marlena Myles.

Includes full read audio recordings by Native Dakota speakers!

Download today!

  • Go to your Apple App Store
  • Search “Kikta”
  • The app Kikta-Wo/Kikta-Ye should pop up
Kikta Wo App - Dakota lapi Resources

Think Small

Children learn and develop quickly before age five. 90% of brain development happens during these crucial early years, and we want to help families take advantage of this important time.

Receive fun facts, and easy tips each week with ideas on how you can promote your child’s learning. Every Tuesday parents will receive a message that include Dakota language to help parents/grandparents/relatives speak to their children. Research shows when parents participate in this program their children are more prepared for kindergarten.

Text TS DAK to 70138 to receive the Dakota texts!

There is no cost for Think Small ParentPowered Texts. Carrier data and message rates may apply.

For more information contact Ariella Leith at 507-697-8261 at Lower Sioux Early Head Start & Head Start.

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