CWOO Televists

We are offering a fun opportunity during our Summer months called Televisits. This is a 20-minute zoom call every other week. This will be with your child’s classmates and teacher to help build their social-emotional health. The calls do not need to last the full 20 minutes. We just want them to be able to see their classmates and teacher again in a safe way! 

unicorn twitter header - Pesquisa Google | Twitter, Pesquisa ...We will schedule a time on Tuesday or Wednesday every other week starting the week of June 15th. This will be the same day and time for the rest of the summer. We will send you a calendar with the appropriate zoom link for the Summer. 

These are the available times:

  • Tuesday at 10:00 am
  • Wednesday at 2:00 pm

Pick one date and time.

Sign-up by calling 507-697-8255

Leave us a voicemail with your name, child’s name and the date/time you have chosen.

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